OK, I get it. Sooner or later all the junk in my house will somehow be connected to the internet.I'm guilty of it and I admit it. That Nest thermostat thing? Got it. I can control the temperature of my home from my ipad or my phone. I adjust the temperature from my ipad while I'm sitting on the couch. Less than three feet from the actual wall thermostat.

Of course I have a Sleep Number bed. Now that it has the new Sleep IQ technology, it too occupies some bandwidth on my home's Wi-Fi network. Yes, of course my TV and cable box are part of it as well.

But now, Jeff Goldblum's alter-ego, famous person Terry Quattro, wants me to add my light bulbs to my little online universe. We are dangerously close to a world where we may never actually have to leave the couch.

But that's not the most annoying part. I now find it very disconcerting that things like these light bulbs are being engineered to last a ridiculously long time. The video says these bulbs will last "more than 22 years". OK, I'm not convinced that I'm going to last another 22 years and feel as though any product I purchase that makes such a claim is somehow mocking me.


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