Sk8 life

One of the things that surprised me when I moved to New Hampshire is how many skateboarders there are!

Walking down Main Street in Rochester when I first moved in I thought there must be some kind of competition in the area, there were so many skaters out. Now I understand the passion the New Hampshire State has for skating.  I see them everywhere.

Skate Parks

There are fewer and fewer places for skaters to skate.  The skate park in Salem, New Hampshire, at Hedgehog Park is in need of some renovation.

It was recently locked up and condemned by town officials because the skate park props and ramps needed repair, according to

The report stated that they could not get a call back on the status of the park and there are signs up on the skatepark saying “Save our Park.”

Skating is a great way for kids, and some grownups to get outside and get some exercise.

Grassroots Project to Get the Park Renovated

The park means a great deal to some local residents, including the Getchell brothers, who are at the forefront of trying to get the renovation going.

The Getchell brothers are getting ready to kick off a tax-exempt organization and start a GoFundMe page under the names “Friends of Salem, New Hampshire, Recreation,” according to

I wish I could balance on a skateboard, but I have trouble walking without tripping.  It always looked like surfing on land when I see some of these talented skaters get out and tackle those ramps.

I hope the skate area at Hedgehog Park in Salem gets the much-needed infusion of some cash to improve the area and make it safe.


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