October is breast cancer awareness month and we need your help!

Help us recognize this important month by decorating your office door in PINK!  It can be your work or home office!   We'll include the best, most creative doors on our website!

You can submit your photos on the WOKQ Mobile App.

And don't forget you can take steps to stay well and reduce your risk of breast cancer or find it early. Find out how and join the American Cancer Society’s movement to create a world with less breast cancer and more birthdays at cancer.org/breastcancer.

According to NationalBreastCancer.org, this is an annual campaign to bring awareness to this terrible disease.

Weillcornell.com has listed a few facts we should know about breast cancer and they are startling.  One in eight women will be impacted by breast cancer in their lifetime, and it's the second leading cause of cancer death.  The other surprising fact that you might not know is that men can also be effected by breast cancer.  You can find out more at Weillcornell.com.

According to cancer.org, one of the best ways for early detection is to get a mammogram. They recommend starting at age 40-44. If you're ages 45-54 they recommend a mammogram every year.  After that, every two years is the recommended amount.

Let's bring awareness, and recognize all those that have been affected by breast cancer. Decorate your door and send the pictures our way to be featured on WOKQ.com!

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