I have friends that LOVE Black Friday. They plan their day like a military exercise. They make sure the Thanksgiving feast is served, cleaned up, and put away ASAP. Then they brief their husbands on bedtime routines for the kids, organize their shopping route, swing through Dunkin Donuts and get a large coffee, and are at the store with the best deals an hour before they open to secure a place in line.

I am NOT a Black Friday shopper. Oh I did it...once. And never. Ever. Again.

However, if you ARE a Black Friday shopper...here's a little help from the website WalletHub.

They put together a list of the stores with the biggest savings this holiday season. While doing that, they discovered the average discount this Black Friday is 37% off. And while that's down from 40.2% just three years ago...it's just about the same as last year.

So which stores in New England have the best deals?

WalletHub says JC Penney tops the list this holiday season. JCP is offering an average of 50% off this year. One of my favorites, Kohls, is also offering an average of 50% off. As well as shoe store Payless.

Obviously there are savings to be had at most stores, and online. Check out this link for WalletHubs complete list of places to save this year on Black Friday. And happy shopping.


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