If you’re a lover of Thai cuisine, and you happen to be in the Dover area, you may be wondering just where you can get a meal to satisfy your cravings.

Fear not, because there are two Thai options in Dover for you to try out: Thai Taste and Khaophums.

Due to the pandemic, there are no dine-in options available at this time, but here's just a sampling of what's in store for you when you take out from these spots.

Of course, every establishment has a specialty dish. And typically with Thai food, one can discern a baseline with a dish like Pad Thai - one of Thai Taste’s best sellers.

Thai Taste Dover. NH via Facebook

The owner of Thai Taste, located in the heart of downtown at 499 Central Ave, said their perfect temperature and special sauce has made their Pad Thai very famous.

The restaurant’s specialty, Drunken Noodle, has a unique preparation involving serrano peppers that creates a base sauce for the house-made dish with heat that will make your mouth water. Accompanied by thick, robust noodles and crisp veggies, if you try it with their duck, you may just call it a win.

Amy Bunker

In the cozy, traditional atmosphere of Khaophums, located at 555 Central Ave, “life changing crab Rangoons,” is what George, the host at the restaurant, remarked as one of their most notable dishes.

He said that “sometimes people only order those.”

It could be most likely because of their signature ratio of cream cheese to crab and the perfect fry temperature to achieve a crispy pastry (with minimal oil/residue) wrapped around a melt-in-your-mouth filling.

Also worth a note is their Peking duck with its “wicked tender” slow-roasted meat cooked in a spicy, herbaceous coconut milk base served with rice.

Amy Bunker

Thirsty? You can certainly get Thai iced tea and iced coffee from both establishments.

Thai Taste’s tea and coffee are both lighter and creamier like sweet desserts. Khaophums packs a punch boasting a deep orange tea with less cream but seemingly sweeter with palm sugar as well as a dark, rich chicory-based coffee with hints of cocoa and chocolate.

Of course, if you’re looking for traditional Thai soup, there’s a variety of options at both places, including baselines like Tom Yum (with a spicy and sour tomato-based broth) and Tom Kha (with a rich, creamy coconut milk base). Both are sure to please!

Thai Taste Dover. NH via Facebook; Google Maps

So when you’re ready for a taste test and if you want to help support local restaurants, these Dover Thai eateries are ready for you to try out.

Also, If you find yourself in Exeter and have an itch for Thai food you’d like to scratch, be sure to take out from Khaophums II at 1 Portsmouth Ave.

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