Week one of the Townsquare Media Weight Loss Challenge is over. After seven days of paying closer attention to what I eat...and when I eat it...I'm happy to say I've lost two pounds.

Since this is the first diet I've ever been on in my life I have no real idea how to gauge how I'm doing except for what others tell me. Two pounds doesn't really seem like a lot. But I haven't gone all out, and certainly haven't been strict with myself. I went to La Festa for pizza on Wednesday. And I went to Margarita's for Mexican food last night.

What I have been much more aware of is sugar. I've started checking just about everything I consume for the amount of sugar it has. I'm happy to say I've cut out a lot. While I haven't written down everything I eat...and I'm not counting calories...I do keep a running track in my head. And yes, I know about all of the apps. I may download one in a week or two if I don't lose any weight or I plateau.

Bill Fox/Townsquare Media

I've also started drinking even more water than normal. Someone told me if I weight 200 lbs. then I should consume 100 oz of water. I'm not sure I've got to 100 oz yet...but I know I've done 80 oz every day for a week. My goal this week is to drink the full 100 oz. so I just bought this big mug....and plan to drink one and a half of these each day.

Bill Fox/Townsquare Media

Someone else said I should start my day with a glass of water mixed with 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar, before I ingest anything else. So I've done that too. While I can't explain exactly why...I do know it makes me feel better.

Thank you for all the dieting tips and advice. Your positive feedback has been motivating. I promise to share any low calorie awesome recipes I find. And any dieting tips I think may be helpful to you.

Have a great weekend.