Recently, I shaved my head, but my wife does not approve.

Since my hair is slowly growing back, I was looking for the shampoo in the bathroom.  I called my wife, and she said it was a bar in a small tin.  It looked like soap.

I yelled back, “Yeah, I see the soap. I need shampoo!”

She yelled back, “It is shampoo, it’s a shampoo bar!”

I used it, and it smelled amazing!

I asked why a shampoo bar? She said that it's got zero waste, baby!

The more plastic we use, the more we pollute the ocean, and a shampoo bar lasts almost 3 times as long as a bottle of shampoo, and who can ever get that last bit of shampoo out of those plastic bottles anyway?

Living near the beautiful beaches in New England has made me more aware of the plastic that I am consuming.

Sure, a shampoo bar sounded a bit weird at first, but I am sold! Not only do they make them in tons of different smells, but it reduces the clutter in my bathroom, and it’s great for the planet.

My wife uses one from LUSH, but I found a ton of different ones online. Turns out in looking for where to buy them I discovered that the idea is not new, but an old New England recipe!

Check out the link:,  or if you want to be more fancy, like my wife, check out what the selection that LUSH has at

Have you ever tried it?

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