How much do you love fair season? How about the Fryeburg Fair?

This classic Maine event is back for 2022 this October 2-9.

And we've got a family 4-pack to giveaway so you can get in and enjoy all the fun and activities.

So how can you win?

Just fill out the form below for your chance to win. You know you want to.

There is so much to do at the Fryeburg Fair, too.

There are calf and pig scrambles. There are harness racing and mechanical pulls. There are rides, foods, concerts and so much more.

There's so much to do, it's no wonder the fair is so many days. You'll want to try and do every fun thing there is.

How about hula hoop entertainment? Nettie Loops will be at the fair.

Or maybe you can't wait to catch some rides. The new Superman 360? Or maybe the Ferris Wheel?

Get more info on the Fryeburg Fair right here.

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