The number of positive COVID-19 cases in NH, ME and Mass:

New Hampshire cases, according to, 1,020

Maine cases, according to, 698

and Massachusetts cases, according to, are up to 26,867

The longer this goes on, the more hopeful people are becoming that everything is going to be okay.  I know of some people who were completely freaked out at the start of this whole thing, but now, it seems they are more calm even though the numbers are going up.  Although the barrage of news coverage for COVID-19 continues, there are many cases of people who are recovering from this virus.

We are months and months away from a vaccine, however, I think that people will, as we always do, bounce back and create their new normal of online learning, wearing protective gear when they go out and being kinder to one another.  This kind of outpouring of care for one another usually only happens for a short time maybe on Christmas, but usually that's it.  I hope this creates a shift in our behavior as humans.

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