'Oreo Thins' are set to hit grocery store shelves later this month, but don't let the name of the new Oreo cookie fool you.

'Oreo Thins' will only have 7 less calories than the original Oreo cookie. (35 calories compared to the 42 calorie 'original' version) My thought process is if you're going to splurge on a cookie treat, go all the way. However, some are saying the new 'Oreo Thins' are better than the original. 

Oreo has made headlines on a regular basis lately. Recently, they announced their new cookie flavors: Red Velvet and S'mores.

Getty Images Scott Olson

With the launch of 'Oreo Thins,' you will have your choice of 'original,' 'golden' and 'mint' flavors.

Expect to see the newest (and permanent) members of the Oreo family to hit store shelves on July 13th.

Good Morning America and Yahoo News did some research for you. Find out how the new THIN version stacks up against the ORIGINAL cookie.


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