WOKQ Sessions is always a special treat but it’s hard to articulate how magical this first post pandemic Sessions was with Nate Barnes. We had live music in the radio station for the first time in a year and a half!! How crazy is that? Nate brought his band and we all felt very lucky to be witnessing such raw and genuine talent before our very eyes.

Before the performance, Chio and I hung with Nate in the Green Room and did our 60 second “get to know you” video that we do with all of our artists that come through. It never ceases to amaze me how much you can learn about a person in (a little more than) 60 seconds. Nate prefers dogs over babies and ALWAYS wears matching socks.

Learn more with 60 Seconds with Nate Barnes:

Then it was time to bring Nate out to our listeners who have been just as starved for live music as us! Nate performed some JAMS, the crowd couldn’t help but dance a little in their chairs. He opened with “Right About Me” which is catchy as heck! He also played his single that you may have heard on WOKQ called “You Ain’t Pretty” which is a very powerful song. My favorite song he played was called “I Love You Too”.

Nate shared a little of his story with us.. He had worked at power plants since he was 14 but music has always been a passion that he pursued in his spare time. His grandfather helped him discover his love of music at a young age. Even though he has since passed, Nate hopes he is making his Grand Daddy proud!

After our WOKQ Sessions, Nate feels like an old friend and we are rooting for him like a couple of proud parents in the bleachers at a football game! It is always amazing to see an artist who graced our Sessions stage find great success and it totally happens. (Scotty Mcreery. Lo Cash, Tenille Arts, etc) We hope to see the same for Nate!

Thank you to all of our incredible listeners for spending the afternoon with us, Thanks to Nate and the band for a great show, and thank you to our sponsor Newburyport Bank for making it all possible.

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