It's also a school. Which begs the question... 'Milton-Hershey School, what is it?'


The answer of course is 'A big building with students but that's not important right now.' Sorry... I had to do that or I'd pull a comedy muscle.

Here's what you should know about the Milton-Hershey School. It's an incredible opportunity for kids in grades Pre-K through 12. If you're a parent and are in the low income category, you should be paying attention.

I've lost track of how many years the Milton-Hershey folks have been visiting in New Hampshire. They are coming back next week for two events. Tuesday, October 21st in Somersworth at the Sumner Country Restaurant (the old Gateway). Wednesday they'll be in Concord at the Red Apple Buffet.

It's a great school, totally funded by a trust from the Hershey family. If you qualify as low-income, you have a good kid that you'd like to see thrive, and I'm just being honest here... Your child living away at school may be a blessing in disguise because it saves you some child care money and/or allows you to work more hours, then you should check out one of the two events next week.

Heck, bring the family and they'll buy you dinner too. It's the real deal, no hidden sales pitch, no admission to get in to the event, and it's the kind of thing I love because it really can change lives. Check out my interview with Cindy Rice, one of the admission counselors.

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