Have you ever dreamed of being on "The Voice"?  Now may be your time!

For the next couple days, Wednesday, December 9 and Thursday, December 10, NBC is accepting virtual auditions for "The Voice"!  How exciting is this!

Listen, I realize you have to have some courage to do something like this, but why wouldn't you?  If you can sing and you really want to be a star, then why not GO FOR IT.

Just click here to sign up.

I've created an account.  This is all from nbcthevoice.com, you will receive a specific day/time to audition and once the recording begins, you start to sing!  There's more to it than that, but you'll just have to login to get more info.

The current judges, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson are great together, but next season, Gwen Stefani steps back and Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, steps in, according to Today.com.

Nick. Jonas.  That name didn't really mean that much to me before I saw the show "Kingdom," but Oh. My. GAWD!  I love that guy.  He played Nate in the series, and I won't spoil it for you, but he was an amazing part of that show.

If you are looking for a new show to binge-watch, go with "Kingdom."  You will love it.  There's something for everyone in that show.  Super hot girls and guys, drama and MMA fighting.  Anyway.. I'm getting distracted about the subject of THE VOICE!

Nick Jonas will be joining the case of judges for next season.  Did I say that already?  Do you need another reason to audition?

It's only for TWO days, my friend, so again, here's the link

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