Another Spring is upon us and it’s time to hit the hiking trails.

Last year, due to pandemic restrictions our state parks and many hiking trails saw heavy traffic, according to reporting by

Many people got turned on to a new hobby, which is fantastic.  It’s great for the body and the mind to get outside and enjoy the nature that surrounds us.  But it does mean the crowds will probably be back.

Fish and Game are offering a Hike Safe Card

According to, Fish and Game sell something called a “Hike Safe Card.”  You might want to invest in this.

If you get lost or need to be rescued, the Hike Safe Card acts like insurance so you aren’t gobsmacked by the cost of a rescue.  Yes, in case you didn’t know, if the need arises to send out search and rescue for you, someone has to pay for it and that someone is you.

Hiking Safely and Responsibly

My wife’s Dad was a big outdoorsman and he always instructed her to leave nothing but footprints on her walk in the woods.  This left an indelible mark on my wife and she is very aware of the trash people leave on the trail.

We carry a trash bag and take our trash home which makes us more savvy consumers of what packaging we buy.  What we buy, we have to carry out.

She also knows how to use a compass and a map.  This is really important because it is so easy to get lost.

I depend on my cellphone because I was a city boy growing up, but you don’t always have a signal when hiking in the woods.  Most New Hampshire residents know, the weather can change here in a minute so be prepared with enough clothes and warm weather gear along with enough snacks and water.

Stay safe while enjoying our woods.  Leave nothing but your footprints.



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