Where is the best place to grocery shop in the Northeast?


Okay, if you are under the age of...maybe 20...you might only know it as Market Basket.

Either way, Demoulas, Market Basket, Market Kitchen, Market Bucket, whatever you call it, this grocery store is simply elite, and only available in the Northeast. Check out their store locator:

Market Basket via Google Maps
Market Basket via Google Maps

A hilarious Massachusetts content creator made a phenomenal jingle that summarizes Market Basket to a T.

The truth is, we New Englanders take pride in just about anything.  We think our sports teams are the best, which they are. We think our (beach) pizza is the best, which it is. And of course, we think our grocery stores are the best, which they CERTAINLY are.

EVERYONE knows that the place with the red tiles, Market Basket, has the best deals.

So, Jeremy Honig, self-proclaimed Townie, has made a hilarious song to support our favorite food superstore, Market Basket.

Check it out below.

Just listening to the first few lines, you know what store he is referring to:

"Tiles lined throughout in red, Butcher Block, guys name is Ted. Staff here dressed in red and navy, all the deals here drive me crazy. How did we become so blessed, Market Basket I'm obsessed...it's Market Basket."

I think EVERYONE has had a guy named Ted at the deli, right? I can name a handful of Teds myself.

Now, the song is hilarious, but the comments, all kept anonymous, have me cackling too:

"Never update your aesthetic market basket please please please"

"Who remembers in 2015 where we had to choose which Artie we Partied with ?!"

"I refuse to listen to market basket propaganda, hannaford gang rise up"

"Salem NH has 3 Market Baskets... ON THE SAME ROAD!!!"

"No self checkouts ...they be against that shii"

"Okay, but how do I get the shirt?! So good."

And this is not his first rendition of the jingle. His first one was not nearly as good, but check it out here:

Someone sponsor this man.

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