One positive of the COVID-19 pandemic is that crime rates have decreased. Committing crimes becomes a lot more difficult when you don't leave your house.

However, some unsettling news surfaced this past weekend out of Boston regarding a young man from Hollis, New Hampshire.

According to, police were called to the Hotel Indigo Boston Garden at 280 Friend Street late Saturday night, when they found a man who was suffering from a severe stab wound.

The victim was brought to the hospital where the man was pronounced dead, the news article stated, and 23-year-old Ren Rodgers from Hollis was arrested and charged with murder.

So how did this horrific act of violence allegedly ensue?

According to WMUR, Rodgers and his wife, Laini Kellar, went out to dinner Saturday night with her brother, Christopher Kellar, and his girlfriend. The site states on the way back to the hotel, an argument broke out between Christopher and his sister.

The fight reportedly escalated when they got back to the hotel and Christopher was asked to leave. He forgot his cell phone charger and returned to the room to retrieve it and a physical fight ensued.

The news site states Christopher pushed his sister on the bed many times and that's when Rodgers fatally stabbed his brother-in-law.

The defense attorney called it an "act of self-defense," per WMUR. He also stated that Christopher had been belligerent for hours leading up to the incident in the hotel room and that “everybody was in an incredible amount of danger.”

Rodgers was held without bail.

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