Residents of one Maine city have had enough of the noise created by the Jetport they moved next to.

Maine's busiest air travel station, the Portland International Jetport received it's first commercial service in 1931. According to Wikipedia, it has expanded on numerous occasions, keeping up with consumer demand as recently as 2010 and 2011. Data shows that 2018 was the busiest year yet, and South Portland residents are getting tired of the constant noise.

So, now they're asking the Federal Aviation Administration to do something about it. 

According to WMTW News 8, The FAA has made the suggestion rerouting many of the planes during the day. They believe allowing planes to fly over over the water more often would help alleviate the noise. If this were to become a rule, the FAA would require several government waivers and more training for pilots, according to WMTW News 8. Presently, planes are allowed to fly over the water in good weather.

The dozens or so residents do not think it's enough, and told WMTW News 8 the FAA proposal would do little to cut back on noise at night.


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