Boston Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale could not start Game 5 of the American League Championship Series because he had a belly button infection.  According to USA Today he said:

“I had irritation from a belly button ring. Constantly taking it in and out caused irritation. Doctors and nurses at MGH were awesome. Things happen. You handle them. And keep moving forward.”

If I was a reporter at this press conference I would have yelled out "PROVE IT!"

Sale reportedly never cracked a smile when he mentioned the belly button ring, but according to the newspaper, one Red Sox player mentioned that it was a joke.

Despite missing the game, Sale says he now feels fine and threw a bullpen session Saturday with no discomfort. He's excited that the team has reached this milestone and it doesn't get more exciting than this.

Perhaps if the Sox end up World Champs this year, Chris Sale will parade around Boston sporting his belly button ring loud and proud in celebration.

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