Easter is this Sunday. So that means the Easter Bunny will probably be stopping by your house if you have young children. And if your house is like most, that means Peter Cottontail will be leaving a basket full of candy.

But if you're worried the kids will eat too much candy, USA Today says there are some things you can do to prevent that from happening. For example...

Buy small. Make sure you have a small basket, and it won't hold as much candy. Fun-size candy also cuts down on the sugar.

Fill it with other stuff.  Legos, art supplies, and other favorite things make a nice addition to the chocolate, and the jelly beans.

Set expectations. Perhaps you ask the Easter Bunny to leave a note, telling your kids exactly how much candy they can eat each day.

And if worse comes to worse, just remember over 80% of parents "help" their kids eat the candy after they're all tucked in for the night. Just make sure you save me a Cadbury Egg...I love those things.

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