Prices of Lobster Rolls have Skyrocketed


It’s all about supply and demand.  The lockdowns and the pandemic were terrible for the lobster industry and now we the consumers are facing the consequences.  At some restaurants, the lobster roll is going for around $34 according to  Yikes!  I must admit I am a lobster roll lover and I need my lobster roll but at that steep price, I may have to choose something else. I haven't eaten one in a while.


Other Choices


So, I pull out my pockets and check my money situation and a $34 lobster roll is beyond my means today.  But there are other choices if I want some good old-fashioned Maine Seafood.  Living in New England has taught me that New Englander’s know how to save a buck.  I’m learning the tricks.  How about a crab roll?  Fresh crabs are caught off the coast and they are usually served on a hamburger roll, so you get more bang for your buck.  The crabmeat tossed in mayonnaise may not be lobster but it’s from the sea so it’s kind of the same thing.  Sara Jenkins, chef and owner of the Nina June restaurant in Rockport tells, “I always think the crabmeat roll is underrated.”  Now I have a new mission because I have never had a crabmeat roll.  I must find one.


What if you Just Can’t live Without a Little Lobster in Your Life?


Fear, not lobster lovers, not all is lost.  You can always have some lobster bisque if you just crave that lobster meat.  There is not as much meat, but the taste is outstanding and will cure your craving for lobster.  And if you simply must have your lobster roll, well we made it through 2020, it’s nice to celebrate with something.



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