If it’s not yours, don’t take it.

We all know its wrong to take something that isn’t ours and especially this time of year when the packages pile up on the doorsteps.

Millions of packages will be shipped to homes everywhere and that means that the idiots who like to steal them will be out looking for them.

However, the technology with the doorbell cameras where you can talk back and forth to them is cool, but it still might not stop them from taking the package.

The folks at WMUR talked to the police in Manchester in 2017 and got some great tips on how to stop these “porch pirates." And they are still relevant today.

Officials said making sure to sign for the package, having a secure place where they can be left or even having them delivered to work might help deter thefts, the news station reported.

They even mentioned package insurance.

That said, it seems there are some out there who are trying to get a little more creative with it.

Remember that guy who fought back and created a package with cameras glitter in it? When the bad guy would take the package home, it would spray glitter and bad fart smell all over the place to teach them a lesson.

Well, there’s a new one out this year, and it just got better. He kicked it up a notch and added Macaulay Culkin to the video.

Home alone was the inspiration for the fake packages.


What do you do to keep packages from being taken?

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