Imagine walking along Old Orchard Beach enjoying the scenery when you spot something a little unusual.  That's what happened to Marc Bourassa, a longtime resident of Old Orchard Beach.   Marc says he spotted a giant jelly fish in the Camp Ellis Bay View Area of Saco, Maine while walking along the beach.

Naturally, he was curious what kind of jelly fish grows this large.  After a little research, Marc says it turns out this is a Lion jellyfish found in the Northern Atlantic and North Pacific.


According to, the Lion's mane jelly fish is the largest known species of jelly fish. The size can vary greatly, anywhere from "0.5 inch in diameter to 8 feet. Its 800-plus tentacles are divided into eight groups and can reach up to 98 feet in length. The largest recorded Lion’s mane jellyfish had tentacles that reached 120 feet long. That makes it one of the longest-known animals in the world!" says that the jelly fish also has a harsh sting that can be painful to humans.  It got it's name because of it's "mane of hair-like tentacles hanging from its bell."

A big thank you to Marc Bourassa for sharing these incredible pictures!


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