I guess 2020 strikes again.  A 12-foot whale carcass washed up onto Higgins Beach in Maine Saturday morning according to wmtw.com.  I would freak out if I saw something like that.  Jeff Perkins discovered it early on Saturday morning and told WMTW.com “I went around it and saw that it was a whale and that it was- obviously dead, a lot of things floating in the water, seagulls and birds flying around it.”  I hope the whale lived a long life and died of old age.

They are such magnificent creatures.  But once found, what do you do with a whale carcass?  Well, I am glad you asked because it would really be off-putting to have a whale rotting on the beach. The team from Marine Mammals of Maine knew exactly what to do.  They wait till low tide which enables the group to have more room to handle the whale.  They collect samples and try to study the whale and learn about the environment and possibly find out what the whale died of according to WMTW.com.

Sadly, the whale that washed up on Higgins Beach was already pretty badly decomposed.  But the team then went to work with machines to drag it off the beach and the carcass will be returned to the environment by decomposing and turn into compost on a farm in Gorham.  I would not want to be near that farm.  The smell must be awful but good to know that it will be part of the circle of life.




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