Ladies, let's pause for a second to just admire the beauty that is Hunter Hayes in his 'Tattoo' music video.

The country cutie, who is responsible for such swoon-worthy and emotional hits as 'Wanted' and 'Invisible,' channels a little bit of the vibe from his track 'I Want Crazy' in 'Tattoo,' singing about a girl he loves so much he'd even consider getting a tattoo of her name. While that is a slightly questionable (and permanent!) decision, Hayes makes it seem incredibly romantic -- so much so that we're left wondering what we'd have to do to get him to consider tattooing our names on him.

And needless to say, the 22-year-old musician is looking insanely adorable in the video, turning our faces into heart-eye emojis every time we glimpse at him in his tight white tee or his tight gray tee or his jean jacket or just about anything. Add to that him belting out the romantic lyrics while simultaneously playing the guitar… sigh.

Watch Hunter Hayes' 'Tattoo' music video above!

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