By now everyone has heard about the Unicorn Frappuccino at Starbucks. And while they've pulled it off the menu...there's a new craze to take its place. The latest "secret menu" item at Starbucks is the mysterious Dragon Frappuccino. The new drink is actually a spin off of the Unicorn. Rumor has it, as baristas ran out of the ingredients to make the popular Unicorn, they had to get creative and substitute different things. And thus, the Dragon was born.

In my quest to slay the latest beverage, I called all over the Seacoast today in search of a barista who knew the secret of making what promises to be the next "big thing".

Colorful, sweet, and hard to finish is probably the best way to describe the Dragon Frappuccino. And, while I have yet to find an official calorie is a secret menu item after's safe to say, fattening is probably also a good adjective.

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