The internet is such a crazy place! If we spotted Bernie Sanders in the year 2009 sitting on inauguration day the world would have had a totally different reaction. We would have certainly acknowledged the fact that he looked cold and miserable and that his mittens were epic. We would have a hearty chuckle about it maybe the next day but then we would move on with our lives. In 2021, this iconic moment will live on for years to come with copious amounts of memes and merchandise.

Through the power of photo shop, Bernie has been in what seems like every location on planet earth. I've seen him save someone's parking spot in Southie. I've seen him camp outside Bernie's Beach Bar in Hampton. (Is Bernie secretly the owner of Bernie's? Inquiring minds would like to know) I've  even seen him in what used to be the old man in the mountain! (which some people felt was "too soon")

And then came the Bernie merch! You can now sport hoodies and tee shirts with that infamous image on it. At one point you could even bid on mittens that were similar to the ones he was rocking on Inauguration Day. Proceeds for a lot of these items went to great causes like Meals on Wheels Vermont, Outright Vermont (an advocacy group for LGBTQ+ youth) Passion 4 Paws Vermont and others. We love to see it!

At one point I started to experience what can only be called "Bernie Fatigue". I had seen enough memes and merch with this image to last me a lifetime. That was until I encountered Inauguration Bernie: Snowman Edition

Donna Pedersen via Facebook
Donna Pedersen via Facebook

Donna Pedersen's from Cheshire, Connecticut created "Blizzard Bernie" after the last big storm and it is nothing short of amazing. I guess I am not done with the Bernie content after all!

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