I enjoy watching "The Bachelor" with my daughters, and it's exciting that someone from New England is on the show: Payton!

But we might as well call "The Bachelor" the “Hannah Brown Show” as this is now her third appearance on a "Bachelor" or "Bachelorette" season.

Not only does she keep coming back, the infamous windmill has followed her onto Peter’s season of the "Bachelor."

The episode left off with Peter asking how she would feel about becoming a part of the house… an answer we will have to wait for until next Monday.

My daughters were more excited than usual this season because they share the same names of the two girls, Madison and Mykenna.

Madison luckily got the first one on one date and was introduced to Peter’s whole family while his parents renewed their vows. My daughters are rooting for her so far!

On the group date with the obstacle course, Kelly came in first and “won” a plane ride with Peter. After she was confronted by the other girls on the date, it’s obvious she intentionally cheated to win.

I think we now know who’s going to have the biggest target on their back this season.

Looking forward to seeing where it goes.

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