I think in order to achieve REALLY good BBQ, one must abide by these rules:

Don't be skimpy with the portions, cornbread is a must and if mac and cheese isn't an available side, I'm going home. According to every BBQ lovin' person in the Granite State (and onlyinyourstate.com), Goody Cole's Smokehouse knows everything there is to know about good BBQ.

Goody's serves up BBQ deliciousness all year 'round. Everything from brisket, pulled pork, kielbasa and everything in between.

The atmosphere can be described as comfy and casual. They are known for their ceiling covered in license plates from all over the country.

My heart longs for BBQ on a warm Summer day but you know what? The bones need warming in the Winter even more so! Bring on the brisket and mashed potatoes!!

Have you ever been to Goody Cole's in Brentwood?

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