I am a massive Paul Rudd fan ever since he played Josh in the Movie Clueless. Of course I don't know him personally but I feel like he projects a lot of positivity into the world and seems to be a genuine down-to-earth kind of dude.

Yesterday, my theory was proven correct! According to USA Today, Paul stood outside in the rain of Barclay Stadium in Brooklyn, NY and handed out individually wrapped cookies to voters waiting in line. He wore a mask and gloves to be extra responsible. He also took selfies with fans who's days got a whole lot better because they got to meet the Ruddster.

Paul has been pretty vocal about where he stands on various issues like wearing a mask. Here is a hilarious video he put out on the topic:

Whether you agree with Paul's beliefs, you must admit that handing out cookies at a voting site is a pretty adorable thing to do. I am really hoping he makes an appearance at my voting site in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. FINGERS CROSSED!


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