Be Careful


I must admit I have a lead foot.  My wife hates the way I drive and freaks out when I go over 50 which I must say is her most annoying quality.  I have used or owned just about every radar detector on the market, so I am prepared to slow down when I approach a speed trap.  Unfortunately, they found another way to catch me.  And they will catch you too if you are not careful so I’m trying to slow down a bit on the highway.


The Eye in the Sky


It makes common sense and it's almost my instinct to slow down if I see a police car on the side of the road, even if I am not speeding.  The police are getting very smart and are finding new ways to keep speeders and those that are driving erratically, like speeding and weaving out of lanes per reporting by  And you will never see this one coming.  They are using a state police aircraft to clock your speed.  Well, you can’t look up at the sky to avoid them.  The aircraft will catch you.  According to, the state Department of Safety says, “it uses the aircraft patrols on the main thoroughfares for commuter traffic and holiday travel, as well as in areas it deems potentially hazardous.


How do you beat the Eye in the Sky?


The best way not to be spotted by the state aircraft is to slow down and go the speed limit.  This is my wife’s strategy and I have to admit she has never had a speeding ticket.  Me? Well, I have had a few.  There are a few tips to look for.  If the traffic is heavy resulting in no one speeding, the state aircraft will usually skip flying.  Also, if the weather is not easy to fly in, like overcast skies or heavy rain and snow, they probably aren’t in use.  But by far the best way is to reduce your speed and obey the law, or at least that’s what my wife says.



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