Some people just have too much money. Apparently, some rich people in New York City have started hiring nannies...not for their kids. No they're hiring nannies for themselves!

The NY Post claims these super rich people want someone who can do things like help them get dressed for work every morning. Or someone to do their nails at home so they don't have to leave home. Some, want a nanny to drive them to their appointments.

Now I scoff a little when I hear stuff like this. Probably because I'm not rich. But if I was, you better believe I'd hire a personal chef, a trainer to come to my house, and a fashion consultant to buy all of my clothes and dress me head to toe so I always looked cool when I had my driver drop me off at the country club for dinner!

I asked around, and here's what people said they'd hire people to do for them if they were rich...



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