I'm old school when it comes to opening canned good. I don't need an electric can opener. Just give me the old fashioned one that I hand crank.

However, there is one problem with my method. The lid always falls into the can and then I have to use a fork or spoon to fish it out...usually causing a mess that I have to clean up.

Well, it turns out I've been using can openers the wrong way my entire life. If you're like me, and put the part of the can opener that turns facing out...then you're also doing it incorrectly. That part should be facing up.

If you do it that way, it cuts through the side of the can instead of the top. So the lid won't fall in. And the bonus is it keeps gripping the lid when you're done. It just pops right off, and you never have to touch it.

I discovered this over the weekend because someone posted this video on Facebook.

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