The Cape Cod brush fire happened as the result of carelessness with fireworks which were illegal from the start.

It's one thing to make a poor decision on Memorial Day Weekend when the action only affects you. However,  it's a completely different ballgame when you incinerate five acres of land because something went wrong when you set off illegal fireworks.

This is why we have to have rules.

According to NECN, authorities say setting off fireworks is likely to blame for a brush fire that scorched five acres on Cape Cod. Fortunately, there were no injuries were reported, there was a major close call. The Falmouth Fire Department reported in a Facebook post that flames at one point came close to a neighborhood. Firefighters say the unauthorized display launched on Saturday night appears to have sparked the blaze.

No other details were available, but Falmouth police, Massachusetts State Police and the Barnstable County Sheriff's Office are investigating.




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