UPDATE: The owner of the iphone has been located in Manchester. She was rescued by the fire department Saturday night in the River

Our listener Al Poulin, or as we like to call him "BIG AL" from Lincoln, is a stand up guy. He is not big in stature but big in personality and wit. He has warmed up to his nickname and fully embraced it.

Big Al called our morning show with an interesting story, and we want to try to help. Al is a man of the outdoors and loves spending his weekends hiking, horseback riding, and kayaking all over our fine state.

Al told us that he was kayaking on the Pemigewasset River or "The Pemi" as locals call it over the weekend. Al picks up trash whenever he can because he wants to preserve nature and help keep our spaces beautiful and clean.

Check out this tarp covered in trash that he found at the bottom of the Pemi:

Al Poulin
Al Poulin

First of all, people should be ashamed of themselves. Don't throw your beer cans and plastic water bottles in the river! Don't be that guy! Bring a trash bag with you on the river or put your trash in your cooler like a decent human being. But I digress.

As you can see, Al also found an iPhone 11 in a plastic baggie. He didn't think this thing would turn on in a million years because it was completely submerged in 8 feet of water.

But just to be sure he let it dry out when he got back to his house. Low and behold after a few hours of drying, the thing turned on! But the phone is locked and he obviously doesn't know the password.

He tried to see if they had any emergency contacts or if there was any way he could get into the phone. NO DICE!

The only information he has is the picture on the lock screen. Here it is:


Do you know someone who lost their phone in the Pemi? Or do you have any advice for Al on how he could track down the owner? Al can be reached at alfredpoulin@yahoo.com.


UPDATE: The owner of the phone has been located in Manchester. She was rescued by the fire department Saturday night in the River

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