Rumor has it that one celebrity just bought a house in a small Massachusetts town. What town is it you may ask, well, it's Belmont, MA, which is a western suburb of Boston.

Now, a famous person living in Belmont, MA, is not new! Former Red Sox captain, Jason Varitek, actually bought a house in Belmont back in 2009. There have even been many celebrity sightings in the town.

Matt Damon was actually in Belmont Center (the town's center) late last year and was spotted taking pictures with some of the town's high schoolers in CVS, and that is just one of the few sightings that this small town has witnessed over the years.

Of course, there have also been many TV shows and movies filmed in Massachusetts, and Belmont is no exception. One recent television show that was filmed there starred Massachusetts native, Chris Evans. "Defending Jacob" was filmed right in Boston, it is a 2020 drama miniseries that starred the Captain America actor along with many others.

Imagine seeing Captain America roaming around in your town!

However, it is rumored that a famous singer has just bought a house in Belmont, MA. According to Belmont Briefing, Taylor Swift just bought a house in this suburb.

Belmont Briefing states that Realtor Owen Toland confirmed that Taylor Swift is closing on a property in Belmont. Not only that but she is also interested in converting the Belmont United Methodist Church into a sound studio.

This would not be Taylor Swift's first time having a home in Massachusetts, back in 2013 she bought a house in Cape Cod, which she ended up selling back in 2020.

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