You know about Stonehenge in England, but have you heard about the other mystery that's a whole lot closer to home?

It's called Ponyhenge, and just as the name suggests, it's a mystery as to how it started, who started it, or where it came from.

What we do know is it's a hit on TripAdvisor and other travel sites because it's so bizarre.  This field of rocking horses just appeared, and has grown exponentially, by people "dropping off" used ponies each year.

One Google Review says,

Delightfully strange and pointless.

This TripAdvisor fan quips,

Ponyhenge…only in America!

While it was creepy in a way, it was fun and my friend and I enjoyed seeing it. Ponyhenge is a circle of old rocking horses out in the middle of a field. We looked through the rocking horses and I found one similar to the one I had as a kid. We went out of our way to find this and I’m glad we did as we had a lot of laughs with other visitors.

It's a great stop for parents or grandparents to bring the kid for some fun photos and to keep them occupied.  Parking is limited, but this TripAdvisor reviewer thinks it's cool.

Worth a quick stop. There are often little kids with their parents/grandparents riding these. Someone seems to come by periodically and rearrange them into different patterns, and/or add another horse.

And this Google Review adds,

A little eerie, yet poetic. Would recommend.

Oh and it's open year-round, so the ponies get snowed on, rained on, and ridden on, any time, any season, day or night, so there's that.

If you want to know the history, or a little more about the field of fillies and stallions, check out this article. If you want to actually see it, go to Old Sudbury Road in Lincoln, Massachusetts.  It's across from a sheep farm, which is a funny twist. Keep on rockin', Ponyhenge.

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