I am often disappointed when I buy strawberries from the grocery store. They either are pale and tasteless or squishy and about to go bad! I start feeling like the Goldilocks of strawberries sifting to find that carton that is JUST RIGHT.

Well, apparently I've been doing it wrong all along. The best way to get strawberries is to pick them fresh from the field at the height of strawberry season, which happens to be RIGHT NOW.

Strawberry picking is super fun family activity! I went with my friend and her son last year and let me tell you, there is nothing cuter than the pride in a child's eyes after they fill up a basket of strawberries that they picked themselves.

According to Onlyinyourstate.com, these five farms are open for your picking pleasure.

Just call ahead to verify their hours and make sure that their berries are nice and ripe before you make the trip there. With the weather being so nuts, who knows if it is affecting our berry quality!

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