Most of us understand that restaurants, bars, and nightclubs come and go.  Anyone who has been involved in the business will tell you that because the margins are so slim, it is hard to succeed.  Typically, a place is either around for only a few years, or decades.

We learned a few days ago that one of the most iconic nightspots in New England had closed.

The question we are asking is if the establishment will ever reopen.

Adam Jaime / Unsplash
Adam Jaime / Unsplash

The hottest nightspot in the White Mountains

For over two decades, there has been a bar at 2025 White Mountain Highway in North Conway, New Hampshire.

For most of that time, it has been the area's premiere nightspot.  The establishment features a dozen regulation-sized pool tables, light fare, and entertainment in the form of DJs & bands.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, it went through a series of rapid name changes.  It was Keene's Roadhouse, Chelsea's, and Club Moulin Rouge.  That last one was a lawsuit waiting to happen.

About 2004, the establishment took on the name 'Club 550'.  It had that name for the next 15 years.

In 2019, it was purchased by a retired United States Air Force veteran.  He and his significant other changed the name to 'The O Club' and gave the space a much-needed makeover.  When their team was done, the nightclub had a military theme.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate
Coldwell Banker Real Estate


Since taking over, the owners had to persevere through several rough situations.

The pandemic of 2020 and 2021 ended many similar businesses, but The O Club managed to stay afloat.

In 2022, the bar was involved in a tragic incident that took the life of a 21-year-old woman.  In March of 2022, a man who had been partying at the bar crashed into the Conway Public Library.  His passenger was killed in that crash.

Additionally, like all bars and restaurants, the nightclub had to deal with an increase in the cost of products and a lack of qualified employees.

A few months ago, the place went up for sale.

It appears that now, the owners decided to close permanently due to lack of a buyer.  The club's Facebook page is gone, and the Google Maps listing says it is permanently closed.

Will it ever reopen?

Who knows?

As far as we know, the business is 'turn-key'.  All you need to do is purchase the place, get the needed licenses, stock the place, and open the doors.

Interested?  Get more details HERE,

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