Even though it is officially spring, that does not mean that the winter weather is completely in the rearview.

It looks like we are likely to see some nasty winter weather this weekend.

According to Weather.com, much of New England will likely get some kind of winter storm this Saturday.  Fortunately, it does not look like it is going to be an all-out storm.  Instead, it will be a lot of nastiness.

In Central Maine, the temperatures will hover in the upper 30s, so we are likely to see lots of wet snow and rain.  We can expect somewhere between 2" and 4" of snow.

Southern Maine can expect similar weather.  The Portland area could see up to 3" of snow, but because the temperatures will be in the upper 30s, it will likely melt soon after it falls.

At this point, it does not look like Western Maine will see any precipitation from Saturday's weather event.

The weather in Aroostook County will be similar to what Central Maine is expected to get.  At this point, it looks like the region will be getting somewhere around 3" of snow.

In the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Saturday is expected to be a real mess. With warmer temperatures, the North Conway area is likely to see a mix of rain and snow throughout the day.  That being said, they are still expecting somewhere around 5" of snow.

Rémi Jacquaint, Unsplash
Rémi Jacquaint, Unsplash

It is forecast that Boston will receive lots of rain from this storm.

It is important to remember that because we are still half a week from this storm, a lot can change.  It could end up being nothing or it could end up becoming one last major winter storm.

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