During the summer, a local Mainer visited a neighborhood yard sale and purchased photo frames that weren't empty. Instead, they contained images of beaming, proud graduates.

But who are they? That's what we are going to find out!

A woman named Heidi posted in Lewiston Rocks Facebook page, saying,

Bought a picture frame while yard sailing around Lewiston this summer! Anyone know these people? I would like to return the photos that came with it! Sadly, I will only hold onto the photos for sometime.
Thank You!"
It's always remarkable finding treasures at yard sales.
I remember one time, my mom and I were at a yard sale and found the coolest angel to put atop a Christmas tree. The moment I grabbed it, we both looked at each other with shock because surprisingly, it was an exact replica of the cherished 1940s angel that sat on top of our family tree throughout my childhood, proving that treasures can be found in unexpected places.
So can you help find these faces?
Heidi McKay via Lewiston Rocks Facebook Page
Heidi McKay via Lewiston Rocks Facebook Page
Their excitement suggests they've just graduated likely from college. This photo isn't just a capture of people, it's a celebration of a huge achievement!
And judging by their expressions, whoever is in this photo will undoubtedly be happy to get it back, echoing Heidi's assumption on Facebook.
Some commenters on Facebook to the photo suggested it may be either from St. Dominic's High School in Auburn or Bates College in Lewiston?
Do you think we can help to return these incredible photos back to the original owners?

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