Brunswick Walmart

Before I even get started, let me make two things clear:

1) The Brunswick, Maine, Walmart reeks of awesome. I've never had one negative experience there, and I'm there a decent amount. And, more importantly,

2) This entire situation literally had me laughing. I wasn't offended, I wasn't angry, I wasn't ready to fight (I'd lose anyway, I'm built like a little leprechaun -- an ant could probably put me in the hospital), and nothing about this situation left me with any bad feelings.

But, for real though, haven't y'all seen a human walk through a store with tools that they sell at the store? What was with all the side-eyeing and dirty looks?

Photo by Hunter Haley on Unsplash / Google Maps
Photo by Hunter Haley on Unsplash / Google Maps

Walmart Products

For the record, this particular Walmart, like most others throughout Northern New England, is a combination of a grocery store and your typical Walmart that sells home goods, outdoor items, etc.

Which means they sell different types of hand tools, including saws, hammers, and mallets. And, since they have an outdoor section, they also sell items like leaf bags. All basic, typical items someone might need.

Apparently, though, when you combine these products together, suddenly you look like you're about to be the subject of the newest Netflix crime documentary, or have an entire episode of the popular New England-based true crime podcast, Dark Downeast, dedicated to you.

I get it, though. The world is a nutso place, to the point that it literally feels like we're living in the Upside Down from Stranger Things sometimes.

But also, chillax, neighbors. I watch those types of documentaries and listen to those types of podcasts, not commit the crimes that they're based on.

But also, thanks for the entertainment. I would've laughed at all of your dirty looks, but I figured that wouldn't necessarily help out the situation of how y'all were viewing me. A dude with a saw, rubber mallet, and leaf bags suddenly maniacally laughing?

Yeah, no bueno.

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