After 24 years and six Super Bowl titles, Thursday, January 11, marked the end of an era as Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots parted ways.

While speculation immediately began on who would take over the head coach job (and honestly people were already speculating before the end of the Patriots' dismal 4-13 season), it didn't take long for an official answer.

The Patriots announced that Jerod Mayo would step into the role only a day later, marking Friday, January 12, as the start of a new era.

ESPN highlighted that Mayo will be the youngest coach in the NFL at 37, and as many of you probably already know, he was a Patriots linebacker from 2008 to 2015 and later a linebacker coach for the team.

But are you excited about this choice?

It's no surprise that New Englanders and non-New Englanders took to social media to share their thoughts. And yes, while there were plenty of positive ones and outpourings of support, there were also those who were disappointed and not pleased.

You can't win 'em all, right?

Here are some of them from that Facebook announcement post.

20 Facebook Reactions to Jerod Mayo Becoming the Head Coach of the New England Patriots

Jerod Mayo was officially announced as the head coach of the New England Patriots on January 12. Here are some of the reactions to the news on Facebook.

Time will certainly tell if the "right" call was made, but that being said, it's on to a fresh new season. Let's go, Pats!

If you're still missing Belichick, or just want to go down memory lane, you can check out the former New England patriots coach over the years back from when he was first hired in 2000 all the way to today.

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