It's pretty easy these days to notice how much Maine is truly "Vacationland."

The state has become more of a tourist mecca than ever before. Cruise ship guests, outdoor enthusiasts, foreigners, foodies, weird people who like to look at dead leaves, and many others continue to roll into our great state at massive numbers. It's for a good reason: Maine is amazing. And a new article is backing this notion up.

The popular lifestyle website Good Housekeeping recently posted an article about some of the best places to visit in the United States. What was truly unique about this list is the fact that it's specifically geared towards solo travelers.

Solo traveling has become all the rage for a lot of great reasons. First off, you don't have to answer to anyone. Secondly, you can avoid your family. Thirdly, you get to treat yourself, something not enough people do. And finally, it's a great way to be a as spontaneous as you want.

Fortunately for those solo travelers, Maine is a great place to visit, at least according to Good Housekeeping. The site included three destinations in the state which are ideal for it. Let's take a closer look.

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Of course, Portland is on the list. Maine's largest city is a bastion of fun, art, food, craft beer, and incredible sightseeing (plus, the people watching is pretty choice).

Portland is a very walkable and relatively safe for travelers. There's also a wealth of excursions that are perfect for the solo trekker looking for fun and interest things to do.

Here is a little more of why Good Housekeeping picked Portland.

Portland is a pristine New England seaside city with beautiful lighthouses, an art museum and opulent Victorian mansions. Stop by any of the waterfront restaurants for the fresh catch of the day, or pop into a local brewpub for a pint.

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Bar Harbor

Like Bar Harbor wasn't going to make this list. The Downeast town is home to Maine's most popular tourist attraction, Acadia National Park. The park is absolutely perfect for the solo trekker.

Bar Harbor is a sneaky great foodie town. Some would even suggest it's just a smaller Portland in that regard.

The town is also great place to enjoy the Maine's incredible coastline, or even the ocean itself.

Here's a little more of why Good Housekeeping included Bar Harbor.

...visit in the shoulder season, and you're treated to an idyllic seaside town — and excellent hiking opportunities in the (Acadia) park. Sample fresh local lobster and visit a local winery or brewery post-hike.

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The Southern Maine coastal town has been a huge hit for a long time. However, it somehow still gets overlooked.

Ogunquit is known for its beauty, restaurants, nightlife, and especially the arts. This includes the world-famous Ogunquit Playhouse, which has entertained audiences since 1937.

Here is a little more of why Good Housekeeping selected Ogunquit for the list.

Ogunquit — an idyllic town on Maine's southern coast — is as picturesque and peaceful as it gets...If you want to venture out, head to Main Street for endless restaurants and shops...hang out in lively Perkins Cove for waterfront dining or take a scenic stroll along Marginal Way.

Three amazing spots in Maine, all worthy of being on this list. What a better way to enjoy all that Maine has to offer, especially during the offseason when it's not completely full of tourists.

Happy travels.

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