A popular ice cream shop with Bar Harbor origins is being praised as Maine's best scoop.

The fine folks over at the foodie site Taste of Home are already in the spirit of summer. The site recently published an article about every state's best ice cream shop. The representative for Maine is one that I'm sure people will be excited to see. It's the iconic Mount Desert Island Ice Cream parlor.

MDI Ice Cream via Facebook
MDI Ice Cream via Facebook

Founded back in 2005 by web developer Linda Marie Parker, Mount Desert Island Ice Cream has had quite the meteoric rise. The flavors Parker was creating and layering clearly were a hit, considering the shop quickly went from one location in Bar Harbor to two. Then, by 2010, MDI had opened a spot on Exchange Street in Portland.

Now, MDI Ice Cream can also be found in Washington DC, as well as two locations and a production facility in Japan. And it all started with a simple ice cream dream.

MDI Ice Cream via Facebook
MDI Ice Cream via Facebook

The major reason for all the success is very clear: the ice cream is delicious, with many of the flavors being highly creative. Here's a little from Taste of Home on these unique and tasty flavors.

you'll want to dive into a pint of the Maine Rocky Coast (a version of Rocky Road with gourmet Callebaut chocolate and house-made marshmallow and fudge) or Blueberry Sour Cream Crumble using the state's famous juicy blueberries.

Well, those sound amazing.

However, it's not just about the wild and creative flavors. MDI also prides itself on using the best ingredients to make sure the originals – like vanilla, chocolate, blueberry and others – are at the highest level of quality and taste. It's about making sure every little detail is finely tuned to create the best ice cream possible. And clearly it's paid off, considering it's once again getting national recognition.

Congratulations to MDI on the fine distinction of being Maine's best. Here's to many more wonderful years of success and more presidential visits.

You can find out more information on MDI Ice Cream, including its fascinating origin story, store locations, and where else to find the delicious ice cream, by visiting the company website.

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