The days are getting longer and the grass is getting greener. Flowers are beginning to sprout, and seasonal businesses are beginning to stir. Those are all surefire signs of spring in Maine.

The Pine Tree State is about to wrap up one of the strangest winters on record. A winter filled with just as many damaging wind and rainstorms as powerful snowstorms.

So as one of the warmest winters in Maine history reaches the finish line and spring is about to take over, towns and cities across the state are going to feel like it's still winter with a burst of frigid air. As the great poet Alanis Morissette once penned, "Isn't it ironic, don't you think?"

March has already provided Maine with a steady stream of days and nights well above the average temperature for this time of year. But for this coming weekend, the story is going to change.

Daytime high temperatures aren't going to vary much from where they've been over the last couple of weeks, sticking in low-to-mid 40's. But it's going to feel different as much of the air supplied to Maine will be frigid.

When the sun goes down, it's going to feel much colder. Overnight lows could reach the upper teens in some parts of Maine later this week, and the possibility of snow in high-elevation areas for this weekend remains.

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This unfriendly cold snap could last for most of the week. Such a classic way to roll out spring in Maine.

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