Who doesn't love comfort food?

There's nothing like stuffing your face with heavy, calorie-filled, debaucherous food to satisfy the pallet and soul. Of course, it's special this time of year when comfort food is what can get us through these cold months.

While it's a big thing for the winter, the comfort food craze is truly a year-long commitment. Spring has Easter and candy. Summer has BBQ and more BBQ. Fall has stews and bakes. Then we get right back to winter. It's amazing we aren't all 1500 lbs.

Now that we are all hungry, it's probably a great time to discuss an article I recently discovered over at Cheapism. The site took a close look at some of the best German restaurants in America. I bring this up because German cuisine is one of the great examples of comfort food dining. Terms like rich, decadent, dense, hearty, filling, and flavorful tend to describe the cuisine well. Think about it. What's not comforting about a sausage plate with potatoes and sauerkraut, followed by a slice of Black Forrest Cake?

Cheapism did include a Germn restaurant from Maine on its list. It's a little joint that's been cooking up homemade dishes for nearly 20 years, and yet still can be called underrated. Cheapism's selection was Schulte & Herr.

Schulte & Herr via Facebook
Schulte & Herr via Facebook

Located on Cumberland Ave is this authentic German restaurant. It might be a small cafe, but it is big on flavor.

Schulte & Herr specializes in some of the most popular and genuine German dishes, like bratwurst, sauerbraten, schnitzel, and potato pancakes. They are even kicking out freshly baked rye bread. Everything is cooked to absolute perfection, giving the diner a feeling like they stepped out of Portland and into a Bavarian eatery.

Schulte & Herr via Facebook
Schulte & Herr via Facebook

The couple that runs Schulte & Herr do it right. The ambiance is welcoming, the service is exemplary, and the food is top notch. It's even a BYOB restaurant, something that's very rare in Portland. I'm not sure what's not to love.

But don't just take my word for it. Here's what Cheapism had to say about Maine's finest German joint.

Schulte & Herr has earned a reputation for serving good, honest German food in an unpretentious setting. Beyond the food, fans of this Portland gem say that the restaurant is particularly affordable, especially since it’s BYOB.

The affordability angle is absolutely on point. It's incredible to be able to enjoy authentic, homemade food without breaking the bank, especially in Portland.

Congrats to Schulte & Herr on this publicity. I can't think of a better more deserving restaurant than this one to get this love. And if you have never been, I strongly suggest trying it out. You will fall in love like so many of us have. Just make sure to call ahead. It's a small joint that tends to get busy.

Here's to many more years of delicious German classics being served out of this special little Portland spot.

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