We can all finally enjoy the most photographed fall drive and area in New England that has attracted leaf peepers, social media influencers, and tourists from around the world for years. I know you've seen the iconic, idyllic autumn photographs that are truly the epitome of New England in the fall. Sadly, rudeness, disgusting happenings, and damage by tourists have led to the closure of this beautiful, serene spot for tourists for much of this 2023 season.

People schedule fall leaf-peeping trips to New England around Sleepy Hollow Farm in Vermont, where all the New England fall feels come alive. You literally melt away for a minute into a Hallmark movie world, and it's like stepping into a real-life painting.

According to Boston.com, the unbelievable disrespect from social media influencers and others over the last few years has increased so dramatically that the town of Pomfret closed the area for a few weeks.

Cloudland and surrounding roads become impassable during the fall, and roads and poorly behaved tourists have damaged roads, had accidents, required towing out of ditches, trampled gardens, defecated on private property, parked in fields and driveways, and verbally assaulted residents. We’ve had a lot of stories of folks just being very disrespectful. Walking on property that wasn’t theirs. Sitting on porches, swimming in their ponds, those types of things.

Now, those barricades and closure signs around Cloudland and Barber Hill roads in the tiny town of Pomfret, Vermont, have been removed, and the ban lifted.

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