Wow, can we get a round of applause for this unexpected win? But there's more than just this win that's keeping Boston native Ayo Edebiri in the entertainment news headlines, it's who she thanked during her acceptance speech.

Congratulations to Ayo of Dorchester for her very first Golden Globe nomination. She went on to win for “Best Female Actor in a Television Series Musical or Comedy", which adds to the excitement of this relatively unknown actress.

Golden Globes Website
Golden Globes Website

Ayo won for her role as Chef Sydney Adamu in the hit FX television series The Bear. It's about the ups and downs of a team of chefs and workers in the restaurant industry at a chaotic restaurant in Chicago that transitions from a sandwich shop to fine dining.

I've seen a bunch of episodes since it started streaming on Hulu. Now I think it may just be time to renew my subscription.

Anyway, 28-year-old Ayo Edebiri has only been acting for 10 years, with roles in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Abbott Elementary, and Black Mirror, according to Boston Uncovered.

But outside of the this incredible win for the young up-and-comer, her acceptance speech is dominating the headlines for its class act moment that has everyone talking.

According to Huff Post, while most winners use their acceptance speech to thank the big wigs of Hollywood and those on the set like the cast, crew, agents, heads of production, and family members, Ayo thanked the unsung heroes – the assistants.

To the people who answer my emails, y’all are real ones.  Thank you for answering my crazy, crazy emails.

She received quite a round of applause for recognizing them, which is now one of the most talked about, genuine moments of the night.

I'm sure assistants and former assistants everywhere, and in any industry for that matter, appreciate it.

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