This just doesn't seem like it would be legal.

I saw something online, and according to, lawnmowers can be driven on the road in New Hampshire. But I'm a curious sort of gal, so I had to make sure.  Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see somebody driving down Central Ave in Dover on a lawnmower and have it be a-okay. So I called the authorities, the Dover Police Department.

New Hampshire Lawnmower Owners Want to Know

I spoke with Officer Gore of the Dover Police Department, and he said that you "can" drive a lawnmower on the road, sort of.  You can't drive it as your primary vehicle, because a lawnmower doesn't typically have headlights, a horn, blinkers, etc. So no, you can't drive it to and from work (sad).  Officer Gore, however, did say that you can drive your lawnmower a short distance, like from one house to the next.  For example, if you have a sweet John Deere and you finished mowing your lawn and wanted to help a friend a couple houses down, you could drive to the neighbor's house, making sure you stayed to the right as far as you could.  Officer Gore also said that this is really a "case by case basis." For example, somebody would definitely catch a policeman's eye if they were cruisin' down Central Avenue to get a tasty maple round at Harvey's.

So, can New Hampshire residents legally drive lawnmowers on the road?  The answer is maybe, kinda ,and sort of.  Personally, I would love to have that be my primary mode of transportation, but for now, it remains just a dream.

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