Who doesn't love a celebrity sighting? Well maybe not everyone is into it. However, I'd venture to say that one of the celebs that would be tough to act like it's no biggie for us is the one and only Mr. Jerry Seinfeld.

Like most celebrity sightings, this one involves a restaurant, too. That's how so many are spotted, since the person or group is staying put in one place and the mumblings of "look over there" start to circulate. Slowly, we try to snap a photo with our phones, etc. You know the drill if you've ever been in this situation.

I first heard that the Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee host was enjoying Indian food from a Boston Uncovered Instagram post, which kindly tagged the restaurant where the fun was happening.

While it's automatically a go-to to think he was dining in the Boston area at one of the areas delicious Indian establishments, it was actually all happening farther west in a much, much smaller city.

What a great dude to find one of the best spots in Springfield. Small and family run, says it all about Jerry……the man!

Yup, Western Massachusetts is where Jerry posed for a photo at Panjabi Tadka. The owners even had fun with their comment when they posted the photo.

Look who stopped by for lunch! No soup for you!! @jerryseinfeld

Jerry is currently on the road with his latest stand-up show, touring through September.

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